Inspiration: Beneath The Surface

Fairy Tale Treasures

Monica Rich Kosann’s third annual limited-edition collection
of compacts is more fanciful than ever. Learn the secrets
behind each of her miniature masterpieces for 2018.

Like a classic red lip or elegant pearl earring, beloved fairy tales are as timeless as they come. Storytellers around the world have crafted countless iterations of the famed fables, and Monica Rich Kosann is our latest favorite raconteuse to do so. In her third annual collection of exclusive compacts for Estée Lauder, the luxury jewelry designer has taken inspiration from some of our fondest fantasies to create glittering trinkets that empower as much as they sparkle.

"This collection is about women feeling encouraged," Monica says. "They’re happy pieces, and everything has a meaning. I loved the concepts of adventure, celebrations and starting anew."

This collection is about women feeling encouraged.

Playful, whimsical and even poetic, each intricately designed collectible houses an Estée Lauder solid perfume or pressed powder, and highlights a quote from its respective fairy tale. "There’s always a moral in the stories,” Monica notes. “But it was also very fun to work on because fairy tales are so whimsical. I don’t think we’re ever too old for fairy tales. I can watch Peter Pan over and over again or enjoy any of the many versions of Alice in Wonderland."

Using crystal Swarovski elements like gemstones, adding a fun moving flourish to certain parts, and minding every last detail, Monica has created a glittering lineup of treasures that’s sure to delight women of all ages. Here, she shares some of her creative inspiration and symbolism behind each piece.

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