May 8,
photo of sirtivity LP in re-Nutriv skincare

This story is part of our Skin Longevity Series featuring industry experts, thought leaders, scientists and innovators who are changing how we think about aging.

Discover more about Estée Lauder’s longevity science, groundbreaking research and how to live a longevity lifestyle.

We’ve been passionate about skin science since the beginning. It’s in our brand DNA. Our founder, Mrs. Estée Lauder, was a pioneer in luxury skincare. And with innovations like Sirtivity-LP™, we’re continuing her powerful legacy.

This breakthrough technology, featured in Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Brilliance Creme, is changing the way we think about aging. But, what exactly is Sirtivity-LP™? And how can it really transform the look and feel of your skin?

We spoke with Jennifer Palmer, Estée Lauder Senior Vice President of Global Skincare Product Development and Marketing, for some answers. Keep scrolling to learn her thoughts on all things Sirtivity-LP™, visible age reversal, and the future of Estée Lauder’s skin longevity science research.

What is skin longevity?

Jennifer: Longevity is one of the fastest growing movements in the beauty and wellness industries, and interest in biohacking and age-reversal practices is at an all-time high. There is a massive shift in the conversation from lifespan to healthspan as we age—meaning people want to not only live longer (lifespan), but also live healthier lives (healthspan).

Can you share more about Estée Lauder’s authority in this space?

Jennifer: Estée Lauder has been pioneering longevity skin science research for more than 15 years. Our Re-Nutriv longevity science has 44 patents worldwide and has been presented in more than 20+ publications and conferences. Most recently, Estée Lauder unveiled its latest research in skin longevity science to a global audience at the World Congress of Dermatology, one of the largest and most prestigious International Dermatological conferences, held once every four years.

Through our research, we have been able to advance our understanding of the biology of
skin aging, developing our exclusive and patented Sirtivity-LP™ technology, proven to help
reverse visible skin aging.


photo of Jennifer Palmer, Estée Lauder Senior Vice President of Global Skincare Product Development and Marketing
Estée Lauder has always been backed by science. What can you tell us about Sirtivity-LP™ and why this technology is so groundbreaking?

Jennifer: We’ve always been at the forefront of breakthrough skin science. Our founder, Mrs. Estée Lauder, was ahead of her time in every way. She was fascinated by the science of skincare. Estée believed information was power. With her knowledge of skin, and chemistry, she always emphasized the science behind the product’s formulation.

When she launched Night Repair in 1982, she took the beauty industry from skin care to skin repair. The brand continues to be an industry leader in science-driven skincare and now, we are focusing on visible age reversal and optimizing your skin’s performance.

Inspired by our 15 years of skin longevity research, Sirtivity-LP™ is Re-Nutriv’s visible age reversal technology that empowers skin to look and act younger for longer.

How would you describe visible age reversal?

Jennifer: We are actually helping skin look and feel younger. Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Brilliance Creme is powered by Sirtivity-LP™ to reveal visible age reversal starting in just 14 days.

You’ll see an improvement in six key youth markers—radiance, dark spots, lines, smoothness, firmness, and post-acne marks.

What is so special about the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Brilliance Creme?

Jennifer: Re-Nutriv Diamond Brilliance Creme has an incredible formulation that delivers skin transformation starting in just 14 days thanks to Sirtivity-LP™ technology. But in addition to that, it has a beautiful soft, melting texture. It’s super luxurious, sensorial and nourishing.

Can you share more about the collaboration with the Stanford Center on Longevity?

Jennifer: We are excited to build on our commitment to furthering longevity research by collaborating with the prestigious Stanford Center on Longevity, a research center within Stanford University that is truly leading the longevity conversation.

As the inaugural supporter of the Center’s new Program on Aesthetics & Culture, Estée Lauder has made an initial three-year commitment to fund New Map of Life post-doctoral fellowships and research.

We know there is a profound link between how you look and how you feel when it comes to aging. This work will explore the impact that skin aging has on our overall vitality, and we’re excited
to unlock these findings.