How To Hide
Dark Circles

How to hide dark circles under eyes all comes down to one key product: concealer. Use a concealer for dark circles like Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer for 24-hour seamless coverage.
Fix dark circles immediately with our #1 bright-eyed technique, Fatique Fighter. On back of hand, mix a drop of Advanced Night Repair Eye with a little concealer. Then, gently pat in the undereye area.

Multiple Types Of Circles

Dark Circles Are Not All the Same

We’re wise to tired-looking eyes.
  • Color: blue/purple and brown
  • Location: under, inside, outside, all around
  • Intensity: and overall darkness
  • Dullness: and rough texture

Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel-Creme targets them all. Dark circles look brighter in just 2 weeks.

Find Your Dark Circles Solution