November 29,
aerin amber musk

Amber fragrances have captivated generations of perfumers. Glowing and golden, Amber is a distinctive scent based on an accord of warm botanicals, harvested and blended together to create the perfect foundation upon which to build an entire fragrance. If you love the cozy allure of amber, these beloved AERIN scents belong in your fragrance wardrobe. 

One of the warmest scents in the AERIN Fragrance Collection, Amber Musk, is the ideal way to experience amber in its singular form. Notes of sensual white florals come together with soft Musk over this glowing base of Amber for a perfume that evokes being wrapped in a luxurious cashmere blanket. It’s perfect for cool autumn evenings in front of a crackling fire.

Opulent and captivating, Ambrette de Noir Parfum from the AERIN Premier Collection expresses the beauty of Amber through notes of Ambrette Seed and Tonka Absolute. It’s a luxurious pairing with scents of pure White Flowers, Vanilla Bourbon and Incense.

Our amber fragrances are meant to be layered and paired to create your own bespoke arrangement. Bring together one spray of Ambrette de Noir with two sprays of Amber Musk on top to amplify the inherent warmth and glow of Amber.

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